[epidemic outbreak of meningitis and meningoencephalitis, caused by west nile virus, in the krasnodar territory and volgograd region (preliminary report)].sera from 102 inpatients from the volgograd region (64) and krasnodar region (38) were tested for antibodies to west nile (wn) virus in hemagglutination inhibition (hi) test and for igm and igg antibodies in enzyme immunoassay (eia). diseases etiologically associated with wn virus were diagnosed in 81 patients: in 50 out of 64 in the volgograd region and in 31 out of 38 in the krasnodar region, which makes 79.4%. specificity of antibodies to wn virus was confirmed in hi and eia with wn antigens, ...200010695043
[isolation of the west nile fever virus from human patients during an epidemic outbreak in the volgograd and astrakhan regions].two strains of west nile virus leiv 27889 vig and ast 986 were isolated from the brain of a dead subject and from the blood of a patient, respectively, during an outbreak of serous meningitis and meningoencephalitis in july-september, 1999, in the volgograd region, krasnodar territory, and astrakhan region. these strains reacted with convalescent sera in hemagglutination inhibition test, which proves their etiological role in this outbreak.200010867987
[the effects of global climatic changes on bloodsucking ectoparasites and pathogens they transmit].the present global climatic changes, regardless of their causes and duration, are of paramount importance from the ecological perspective. the influence of these changes on russian population health attracts the attention of experts. the most important changes have already taken place in the high and middle latitudes, occupied by russia. the article covers a probable impact of global changes on the distribution of bloodsucking arthropods as the vectors of inoculable disease agents, their abundan ...200616734339
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