an outbreak of chandipura virus encephalitis in the eastern districts of gujarat state, outbreak of encephalitis with a case fatality rate of 78.3% was investigated among children in gujarat state, india. twenty-six cases were reported. three patients had igm antibodies to chandipura virus. virus was isolated from one patient with rhabdomyosarcoma in porcine stable cell lines and in suckling mice. chandipura virus rna was present in 9 of 20 acute-phase serum samples, and virus sequences from the present outbreak were closely related to prototype strain (1965) and andhra pradesh, ...200516172482
prevalence of antibodies to japanese encephalitis and west nile viruses among wild birds in the krishna-godavari delta, andhra pradesh, the krishna-godavari delta region of the state of andhra pradesh, india, 866 sera obtained from trapped birds of 13 species were tested for neutralizing antibody to japanese encephalitis (je) virus; two species of birds belonging to the family ardeidae, ardeola grayii (pond heron) and bubulcus ibis (cattle egret), contributed 514 of these sera. neutralizing antibody to je virus--i.e. sera giving positive reactions--was detected in 179 sera (34.8%) from these two species; in addition, two sera ...19817303138
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