an outbreak of chandipura virus encephalitis in the eastern districts of gujarat state, outbreak of encephalitis with a case fatality rate of 78.3% was investigated among children in gujarat state, india. twenty-six cases were reported. three patients had igm antibodies to chandipura virus. virus was isolated from one patient with rhabdomyosarcoma in porcine stable cell lines and in suckling mice. chandipura virus rna was present in 9 of 20 acute-phase serum samples, and virus sequences from the present outbreak were closely related to prototype strain (1965) and andhra pradesh, ...200516172482
serosurveillance for japanese encephalitis virus infection among equines in india.the seroprevalence of japanese encephalitis virus (jev) among equines was evaluated from january 2006 to december 2009 in 13 different states of india by hemagglutination inhibition (hi) test and virus neutralization test (vnt). antibodies against jev were detected in 327 out of 3,286 (10%) equines with a maximum prevalence reported in the state of manipur (91.7%) followed by gujarat (18.5%), madhya pradesh (14.4%), and uttar pradesh (11.6%). evidence of jev infection was observed in equines in ...201122122900
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