the ecology of west nile virus in south africa and the occurrence of outbreaks in humans.this paper reviews studies done on west nile virus (wnv) in south africa, mainly between 1962 and 1980 on the temperate inland plateau (highveld and karoo). the virus is maintained in an enzootic transmission cycle between feral birds and the ornithophilic mosquito culex univittatus. about 30 avian species have been shown to be involved without mortality. humans, and other mammals, although they may have antibodies, are considered blind-alleys in the transmission cycle except perhaps some dogs. ...200111797772
experimental assessment of the vector competence of culex (culex) neavei theobald with west nile and sindbis viruses in south africa.culex univittatus is the maintenance vector of west nile (wn) and sindbis (sin) viruses on the inland plateau of south africa and also transfers infection to man. both viruses have frequently been isolated from this mosquito and human immunity is high on the plateau. in the natal lowlands where cx univittatus is replaced by cx neavei, apparently the main vector there, immune rates are low and few isolations have been made from this species. vector competence experiments were carried out with cx ...19863024364
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