reemergence of human infections with west nile virus in romania, 2010: an epidemiological study and brief review of the past situation.abstract objectives: the aim of this report was to provide concise epidemiological data regarding a recent reemergence of west nile virus (wnv) in the human population of romania simultaneously with the threatening occurrence of this condition in other european countries. also, we attempted to present a brief synopsis of the past situation regarding wnv infections in this country. materials and methods: data were collected from the national centre for surveillance and control of the communicable ...201121395408
epidemic west nile encephalitis in romania: waiting for history to repeat itself.seroprevalence data suggest that west nile virus activity in southern romania dates to the 1960s or earlier. in the summer of 1996, southeastern romania and especially bucharest experienced an unprecedented epidemic of west nile encephalitis/meningitis, with at least 393 hospitalized cases and 17 deaths. contributing factors included a susceptible avian population and urban/suburban infrastructural conditions that favored the production of large numbers of culex pipiens pipiens. the epidemic end ...200111797808
west nile encephalitis epidemic in southeastern romania.west nile fever (wnf) is a mosquito-borne flavivirus infection endemic in africa and asia. in 1996, the first major wnf epidemic in europe occurred in romania, with a high rate of neurological infections. we investigated the epidemic to characterise transmission patterns in this novel setting and to determine its origin.19989737281
entomologic and avian investigations of an epidemic of west nile fever in romania in 1996, with serologic and molecular characterization of a virus isolate from mosquitoes.between july and october 1996, a west nile (wn) fever epidemic occurred in the southern plain and danube valley of romania and in the capital city of bucharest, resulting in hundreds of neurologic cases and 17 fatalities. in early october 1996, entomologic and avian investigations of the epidemic were conducted in the city of bucharest and nearby rural areas. thirty (41%) of 73 domestic fowl sampled had neutralizing antibody to wn virus, including 5 of 13 ducks (38%), 1 of 1 goose, 19 of 52 chic ...199910548295
west nile virus surveillance in romania: response to the 1996 west nile (wn) fever epidemic that occurred in bucharest and southeastern romania, a surveillance program was established. the surveillance system detected 39 clinical human wn fever cases during the period 1997-2000: 14 cases in 1997, 5 cases in 1998, 7 cases in 1999, and 13 cases in 2000. thirty-eight of the 39 case-patients lived in the greater danube valley of southern romania, and 1 case-patient resided in the district of vaslui, located on the moldavian plateau. the ...200111572635
continued transmission of west nile virus to humans in southeastern romania, 1997-1998.after an epidemic of west nile (wn) virus neurologic infections in southeastern romania in 1996, human and animal surveillance were established to monitor continued transmission of the virus. during 1997 and 1998, neurologic infections were diagnosed serologically as wn encephalitis in 12 of 322 patients in 19 southeastern districts and in 1 of 75 bucharest patients. in addition, amid a countrywide epidemic of measles, the etiology of the febrile exanthem in 2 of 180 investigated cases was deter ...200010669359
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