[west nile arbovirus antibodies with hemagglutination inhibition (hi) in residents of southeast anatolia].937 sera collected from different persons in southeast anatolia were studied for antibodies against west nile - virus by hi test. 763 out of 937 sera were from the research area, 42 from the neighboring districts and 21 from soldiers recently come to the research area, the features of the remaining 111 sera, except the ages of 4 could not be recorded. in the sera from the research area the west nile antibodies were positive in 41.80%. the positive ratios were 40.49% in diyarbakir, 47.83% in mard ...1977857119
serological, molecular and entomological surveillance demonstrates widespread circulation of west nile virus in turkey.west nile virus (wnv), a mosquito-borne flavivirus with significant impact on human and animal health, has recently demonstrated an expanded zone of activity globally. the aim of this study is to investigate the frequency and distribution of wnv infections in potential vectors and several mammal and avian species in turkey, where previous data indicate viral circulation. the study was conducted in 15 provinces across turkey during 2011-2013. in addition, the entomological study was extended to 4 ...201425058465
west nile virus studies in the sanliurfa province of turkey.we attempted to isolate west nile virus from mosquitoes collected in the field for the first time in turkey. a total of 6,457 mosquito specimens from culex pipiens linnaeus, ochlerotatus caspius (pallas) and aedes spp. species were included in this study. culex pipiens samples made up 56% of the total species, o. caspius 24% and aedes spp 20%. there were no positive results after studying mosquito samples using real-time pcr, vectest, and vero cell culture. in serological tests of 181 human seru ...200718260509
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