[surveillance of wild birds for avian influenza a virus (aiv) in bavaria in the years 2007 and 2008].a monitoring programme has been initiated in bavaria to continuously control wild birds for the presence of avian influenza a virus (aiv) and to monitor the possible occurrence and accumulation of notifiable aiv subtypes as an early-warning system. in addition information about the regional, seasonal and species-specific distribution of aiv could be obtained. between july 2007 and december 2008 samples from 5864 wild birds of twelve different zoological orders had been collected (cloacal- and tr ...200919999383
citizen science based monitoring of greylag goose (anser anser) in bavaria (germany): combining count data and bag data to estimate long-term trends between 1988/89 and 2010/11.numbers of large grazing bird (geese, swans, cranes) have increased all over europe, but monitoring these species, e.g. for management purposes, can be time consuming and costly. in bavaria, sedentary greylag geese (anser anser) are monitored during the winter by two different citizen-based monitoring schemes: the international waterbird census [iwc] and hunting bag statistics. we compared the results of both schemes for the seasons 1988/89 to 2010/11 by analysing annual indices calculated using ...201526107952
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