the whooping cough syndrome: a continuing pediatric problem. 197546190
bordetella pertussis in the national capital region: prevalent serotype and immunization status of patients.over a 2-year period 67 strains of bordetella pertussis were identified in 231 single specimens of nasopharyngeal secretions submitted from patients suspected to have whooping cough in the national capital region; 89.5% of the identifications were made by culture. serotype 1,3 was predominant. at least 75% of the patients with bacteriologically confirmed whooping cough had not been fully immunized. there was no evidence that adenoviruses or other viruses played any important etiologic role in th ...1977203375
genetic analysis of bordetella pertussis in ontario, canada reveals one predominant characterize bordetella pertussis isolates in ontario, canada in order to understand the clonal diversity of strains present in this province.201323352492
genetic and antigenic analysis of bordetella pertussis isolates recovered from clinical cases in ontario, canada, before and after the introduction of the acellular pertussis vaccine.sixty-eight bordetella pertussis isolates (obtained between 1994 and 2004 from the province of ontario in canada) were compared by the following phenotypic and genetic analyses: serotyping; pulsed-field gel electrophoresis; and partial dna sequence analysis of their pertactin, pertussis toxin, and fimbriae genes. although temporal genetic variations were observed among the isolates, which is consistent with the current view that b. pertussis evolves over time, no specific antigenic or genetic ty ...200516333349
clinical and microbiologic features of children presenting with pertussis to a canadian pediatric hospital during an eleven-year characterize the morbidity of pertussis in canada, we did a retrospective review of all children with laboratory-confirmed pertussis seen at the hospital for sick children, toronto, between 1980 and 1990. a total of 975 patients were identified, of which 223 (23%) were admitted to hospital. the peak incidence of disease was observed in the fall. the incidence of disease did not vary with gender. only 41% of children admitted had the classical symptoms of pertussis (paroxysmal cough and whoop) ...19947970950
surveillance of antimicrobial resistance in contemporary clinical isolates of bordetella pertussis in ontario, canada. 201424837412
correlation of real time pcr cycle threshold cut-off with bordetella pertussis clinical severity.bordetella pertussis testing performed using real-time polymerase chain reaction (rt-pcr) is interpreted based on a cycle threshold (ct) value. at public health ontario laboratories (phol), a ct value <36 is reported as positive, and ct values ≥36 and <40 are reported as indeterminate. phol reported indeterminate results to physicians and public health units until may 2012, after which these results were only reported to physicians. we investigated the association between ct value and disease sy ...201526186564
antigenic and genetic characterization of bordetella pertussis recovered from quebec, canada, 2002-2014: detection of a genetic shift.despite vaccination, cyclical peaks of bordetella pertussis incidence rates are still observed in canada and other developed countries, making pertussis one of the most prevalent vaccine preventable bacterial diseases. in the postacellular vaccine era, evolution of bacterial strains has resulted in strains with altered vaccine antigens. previous canadian studies have focused on isolates mainly from the provinces of ontario and alberta, with only small numbers of isolates from other provinces. th ...201626910633
novel duplex real-time pcr assay detects bordetella holmesii in specimens from patients with pertussis-like symptoms in ontario, canada.bordetella holmesii is a human pathogen found mainly in immunocompromised patients. a specific real-time pcr assay was developed and successfully used to identify specimens from which b. holmesii was misidentified as bordetella pertussis and to establish the prevalence of b. holmesii in ontario patients with pertussis-like symptoms.201020181919
bordetella pertussis serotypes in the united determine the bordetella pertussis serotypes currently causing whooping cough in the united states, recently isolated cultures from different geographic areas were studied. specific adsorbed antisera were prepared in our laboratory and used in both tube and slide agglutination tests. among the 177 cultures isolated during 1966 and 1967 in seven states and one canadian province, the predominant serotype was 1.3 (or 1.3.6), represented by 85% of the cultures. fifteen cultures were serotype 1.2. ...19694312923
outbreak of atypical pertussis detected by polymerase chain reaction in immunized preschool-aged children.from october 2005 to march 2006, a laboratory-confirmed outbreak of pertussis occurred in preschool-aged children (1-4 years) in toronto, canada. a case-control study in children was done to identify the risk factors for being positive for bordetella pertussis by polymerase chain reaction (pcr).200919561423
bordetella pertussis in the national capital region. 1978647536
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