[immunological survey of the infantile population of mexico, d.f. ii. investigation of antibodies against hemophilus pertussis]. 19655854561
[bordetella pertussis in adolescent students in mexico city].to estimate seroprevalence of bordetella pertussis in students and their community.200818709244
[consensus on the clinical and microbiologic diagnosis of bordetella pertussis, and infection prevention. expert group on pertussis vaccination].pertussis continues to be responsible for a significant disease burden worldwide. although immunization practices have reduced the occurrence of the disease among children, waning vaccine- and infection-induced immunity still allows the disease to affect adolescents and adults who, in turn, can transmit the disease to non-immunized or partially immunized infants. this document is the result of a meeting in mexico city of international experts who analyzed recent medical information in order to e ...201121340141
intention to accept bordetella pertussis booster vaccine during pregnancy in mexico booster vaccination against pertussis can help prevent severe infections in young infants. we examined influences on intention to accept pertussis booster vaccination among pregnant women in mexico city.201424394441
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