etiologic, clinical, and pathologic analysis of 31 fatal cases of acute respiratory tract infection in argentinian children under 5 years of age.during a 3-year survey of 805 children with acute lower respiratory tract infection (alri) who were admitted to three hospitals in buenos aires, 31 fatal cases were recorded--a fatality rate of 3.8%. of the 31 children who died, 77% were less than 1 year of age, 48% were boys, 58% were malnourished, 29% had previous respiratory disease, and 22% had previous congenital disease. all children who died had clinical diagnoses of pneumonia (71%) or bronchiolitis (29%). autopsies were performed in 14 o ...19902270406
differences of circulating bordetella pertussis population in argentina from the strain used in vaccine argentina, as in other countries, the number of pertussis cases has been increasing, even in highly vaccinated zones. many reports suggest that the decline of vaccine efficacy due to antigenic shifts in the circulating bordetella pertussis might be among the factors that contribute to pertussis re-emergence in different parts of the world. to evaluate the incidence of this factor in argentina, we decided to characterize the circulating bacteria of an important demographic area of this country ...200616545509
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