evidence of bordetella pertussis infection in adults presenting with persistent cough in a french area with very high whole-cell vaccine coverage.although france has had a vaccination program for 40 years, since 1990, an increase in whooping cough cases with parent-infant transmission has been observed. this study prospectively assessed the frequency of bordetella pertussis infection in adults who consulted general practitioners for a persistent cough without an evident diagnosis. among 217 patients, 70 (32%) confirmed whooping cough cases were identified. one case was culture positive, 36 were polymerase chain reaction positive, and 40 h ...200212134239
[surveillance of adverse effects following immunization (aefi)].the meeting of working group on adverse events following immunization (aefi) was organized in paris on february 5-6-7 1992. reporting and surveillance of aefi in the european countries was advised to be introduced in each country as the part of monitoring system in this matter. channels for reporting system of aefi should be similar to channels for reporting system of communicable diseases or to system of events following drugs. reporting and surveillance system of aefi in poland as well as prop ...19921335588
[severe bacterial infections in children. survey by the pediatric mobile intensive care unit ap/hp in the ile-de-france area].this study involves 106 infants (neonatal period ruled out), victims of severe bacterial infections managed from 1st january 1998 to 30 april 2001 by the four paediatric mobile intensive care unit (p.m.i.c.u.) teams ap-hp in ile-de-france area. 46.2% of the whole infants are primary interventions (home, medical room, airport) and primary-secondary interventions (hospital emergencies) whereas 53.8% are related to secondary transports of infants who have been hospitalized and suffered from severe ...200111582917
pertussis incidence among adolescents and adults surveyed in general practices in the paris area, france, may 2008 to march 2009.since the introduction in 1998 of an adolescent pertussis vaccine booster (for persons aged 11-13 years) in france, the incidence of pertussis in adolescents and adults has been unknown. we therefore undertook a study to estimate the incidence of pertussis in these population groups and to evaluate the feasibility of a real-time electronic surveillance system for pertussis in general practices in france. the general practitioners selected for the study were located in paris and the surrounding a ...201121315055
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