sudden infant death and prevalence of whooping cough in the swedish and norwegian communities.whooping cough (wc) has been suggested to be a trigger factor for sudden infant death (sid), the proposed mechanism being unrecognised hypoxaemic episodes. in contrast to norway, sweden ceased its immunisation programme against bordetella pertussis (bp) in 1979. we investigated the relation between sid mortality and the prevalence of bp during 1983 to 1988, by month, in the two ethnically and socially similar, bordering countries adopting different strategies towards wc. in addition, the greater ...19979177988
control of pertussis--lessons learnt from a 10-year surveillance programme in sweden.sweden was the only country in the world without any general pertussis vaccination when acellular pertussis (ap) vaccines were introduced. since 1996 ap vaccines are given at the ages of 3, 5 and 12 months, with a 99% coverage, and until 2007 without a later booster. the long-term effects of ap vaccines, monitored within an enhanced surveillance project, were discussed at an international workshop in stockholm in november 2008. the unique swedish experience demonstrates that ap vaccines are capa ...200919679218
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