analysis of bordetella pertussis agglutinin titers during an outbreak of pertussis at a university in 2007, a large outbreak of pertussis occurred at a university in japan. initially, a student, suffering from nocturnal cough and post-tussive vomiting for 3 weeks was diagnosed with pertussis. during the subsequent outbreak, 361 university students and staff members presented with a primary complaint of a cough. in the present study, we analyzed bacterial agglutinin titers against two bordetella pertussis strains, yamaguchi (epidemic strain) and tohama (vaccine strain), in 310 patients with a ...201020332572
evaluation of serological tests for diagnosis of bordetella pertussis infection in adolescents and adults.summary at a glance: there has been no relevant evidence supporting tests based on bacterial agglutination antibodies against bordetella pertussis. the bacterial agglutination test has lower sensitivity and specificity for the diagnosis of b. pertussis infection compared with anti-pertussis toxin antibody tests. abstract: background and objective: bacterial agglutination antibodies against bordetella pertussis, yamaguchi and tohama strains, are frequently measured for serodiagnosis of pertussis ...201121790881
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