unabated schistosomiasis transmission in erinle river dam, osun state, nigeria: evidence of neglect of environmental effects of development projects.the status of schistosoma haematobium infection around erinle dam in osun state, nigeria, was investigated 10 years after the disease was first reported in the area. school children in two rural communities (ilie and oba-ile) were examined for infection and the lake surveyed for snail intermediate host species between march 2000 and february 2001. overall infection rate among 320 children examined in both communities was 46.6% (52.3% in ilie and 43.0% in oba-ile). mean intensity of infection ran ...200616772006
a simple approach improving the performance of urine reagent strips for rapid diagnosis of urinary schistosomiasis in nigerian nigeria, schistosomiasis, caused predominantly by the species schistosoma haematobium, is highly endemic in resource-poor communities. we performed a school-based survey in two rural communities in osun state (southwestern nigeria) and assessed macrohaematuria, microhaematuria and proteinuria as indirect indicators for the presence of disease. urine samples were inspected macroscopically for haematuria and screened for microhaematuria and proteinuria using urine reagent strips. the microscopi ...200919547872
factors associated with urinary schistosomiasis in two peri-urban communities in south-western nigeria, there is only very limited epidemiological information on which the control of human urinary schistosomiasis could be based. in a cross-sectional study, therefore, the prevalences and intensities of, and risk factors for, human infection with schistosoma haematobium infection were explored in two endemic peri-urban villages in the south-western state of osun. the villagers' knowledge about the infection and demographic, socio-economic and environmental variables were recorded using a ...201020819309
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