endemicity of vesical schistosomiasis in the ebonyi benue river valley, south eastern nigeria.the investigation on the prevalence of patent and clinically severe infections with schistosoma haematobium was carried out amongst inhabitants of ebonyi benue river valley, south eastern nigeria between august 2000 and june 2001. the inhabitants are predominantly farmers. of the 3296 subjects examined from 15 randomly selected villages in the valley, 776 (23.5%) were excreting the eggs of s. haematobium in their urine. infection rates varied between 18.9% and 30.6%. the severity of infection ca ...200312872529
studies on vesical schistosomiasis among rural ezza farmers in the southwestern border of ebonyi state, nigeria.studies on vesical schistosomiasis and its snail vectors were carried out between october 2001-may 2002 among rural ezza farmers inhabiting the southwestern border of ebonyi state, nigeria. the people are predominantly farmers. of the 2,104 urine specimens examined in 10 communities, 466 (22.1%) comprising 305 (23.7%) men and 161 (19.7%) women were infected with visible haematuria as the predominant presenting symptom. ezza people associate bloody urine with sexually transmitted diseases. there ...200616841866
prevalence and transmission dynamics of schistosoma haematobium infection in a rural community of southwestern ebonyi state, nigeria.a twelve-month epidemio-ecological study on the prevalence, infection intensity, water contact and vector aspects of urinary schistosomiasis was conducted in a rural community of south-west ebonyi state, nigeria, using standard procedures, and involving 894 individuals (527, 58.9% males; and 367, 41.1% females). an overall community prevalence (15.3%) was established with more males (20.7%) than females (7.6%) being significantly positive for both micro-and macro-haematuria (χ² = 0.806; df = 1, ...201424862047
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