schistosomiasis in cross river state, nigeria: 1. prevalence and intensity of infection in adim, akamkpa local government area.mid-stream urine was randomly collected from 248 subjects in adim. blood and protein concentrations were determined semi-quantitatively using combi-7 reagent strips. the urine samples were then processed and any ova of schistosoma haematobium present were counted per 10 ml urine. fresh stool samples were also randomly collected, processed and examined for s. masoni and other helminthic ova. the prevalence of s. haematobium in the area was 43.5% and this was found to be age-related but not sex-re ...19911940328
urinary symptoms and blood pressure of children with schistosoma haematobium infection in south-eastern nigeria.the urinary symptoms and blood pressures of 510 children (aged 5-15 years) with schistosoma haematobium infection in ijiman community, cross river state of nigeria, were studied in 1992. the prevalence rate of infection was 44%, a majority of the children presenting with light infection. significant symptoms were visible haematuria, dysuria, suprapubic pain and strangury. the sensitivity and specificity of these symptoms were too low for them to be recommended as distinct clinical diagnostic cri ...19957588139
genitourinary schistosomiasis among pre-primary schoolchildren in a rural community within the cross river basin, africa, most schistosomiasis control programmes defined the age 5-19 years as the target population for nationwide control through the school systems, excluding the under fives. a study was therefore undertaken to determine the prevalence and intensity of genitourinary schistosomiasis in children aged 0-5 years (pre-primary) in adim, a rural and endemic community within the cross river basin, nigeria. of the 126 children examined, 25 (19.8%) were infected with schistosoma haematobium, with no ...200718005467
relationship between schistosoma haematobium infection and urinary tract infection among children in south eastern, nigeria.reports of studies on the relationship between schistosoma haematobium and urinary tract infection from different regions are conflicting. hence, the need to determine the situation in each endemic area.200818575479
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