schistosomiasis in kano state, nigeria. ii. field studies on aestivation in bulinus rohlfsi (clessin) and b. globosus (morelet) and their susceptibility to local strains of schistosoma haematobium (bilharz).aestivation patterns in bulinus rohlfsi and b. globosus were studied by digging transects across the floor of their dried habitats and by monitoring changes in snail population structure during the period when the habitats were flooded. bulinus rohlfsi, which inhabited a small man-made lake, was found to aestivate towards the bottom of its habitat, aestivation occurring during the last six weeks before the lake dried. the data on b. globosus from a temporary pool are less complete, but they show ...19883151429
schistosomiasis in kano state, nigeria. i. human infections near dam sites and the distribution and habitat preferences of potential snail intermediate hosts.stool and urine samples from 813 schoolchildren and adults from the tomas and rimin gado dam areas of kano state, nigeria, showed schistosoma haematobium to be present at both localities with prevalences of 26.6 and 36.8%, respectively. no cases of s. mansoni were found. the prevalence and intensity of s. haematobium was low and similar in both study areas. statistical analysis revealed a correlation between prevalence and location, but no evident association with professed patterns of water con ...19883256277
urinary schistosomiasis in the danjarima community in kano, nigeria.studies in northern nigeria have suggested a linear relationship between urinary schistosomiasis and individual water-related activities. knowledge of the perceptions of the local populace about schistosomoasis and of gender and cultural restrictions could be beneficial to control programmes. we studied the prevalence of urinary schistosomoasis and the socio-demographic factors associated with the disease in danjarima community of kano, northern nigeria.200919762959
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