the pattern of parasitic infection in villages of lagos state, nigeria. 1979396698
the parasitic diseases of school children in lagos state, nigeria.a survey of 5,595 primary school children in lagos state showed that most of the children were over-loaded with parasitic infestations which included malaria (37.7%), schistosomiasis (13.4%). ascariasis (74.2%), trichuriasis (75.8%), hookworm (29.5%) and tungiasis (49.5%). multiple infections were observed with about 16.2% harbouring all the causative organisms of the parasitic diseases enumerated above. the high prevalence of parasitic infestations among these children is an index of the commun ...19816111920
polymerase chain reaction (pcr) investigations of prepatent schistosoma haematobium cercariae incidence in five water bodies, south west, nigeria.this study investigated the levels of prepatent s. haematobium infection in water samples collected from schistosomiasis haematobium transmission namely: international institute of tropical agriculture (iita) river and eleyele river in oyo state, oyan dam and shokori river in ogun state, badagry lagoon and lagoon (university of lagos, lagos state).201223678640
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