[anatomopathologic diagnosis of parasitosis in congo].in the part ten years, 9,650 anatomopathologic examinations have been carried out in the national laboratory of histopathology for public health in brazzaville: 250 cases of parasitic infestation were diagnosed. in order of frequency were noted; 144 cases of bilharzia due to schistosoma haematobium with 75 genito-urinary localisations and 51 appendicular cases, 31 cases of onchocercosis with a majority of subcutaneous nodules (17), 17 cases of digestive helminthiasis all locate in the ileo-caeca ...19911905986
observations on bilharziasis and the potential snail hosts in the republic of the congo (brazzaville).in 1962, the author conducted a preliminary investigation of bilharziasis in the republic of the congo (brazzaville), at the request of the government, in order to review existing information and work done on bilharziasis, to assess the prevalence and distribution of the disease, to make observations on the potential snail hosts, and to propose further suitable studies and control measures.although little time was available for this study, it appears reasonable to conclude that schistosoma haema ...196414163961
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