recent observations on schistosomiasis in mauritius.purpose of this study, carried out between 1967 and 1975, was to bring the existing knowledge on schistosomiasis in mauritius up-to-date. the paper describes the distribution, the behaviour and the infection rates of bulinus cernicus, the local intermediate snail host, and its role in human infection.1979316595
measurement of schistosomiasis-related morbidity at community level in areas of different endemicity.among the indicators of schistosomiasis morbidity currently used in control programmes, ultrasound has been found to be a safe, non-invasive and efficient technique for detecting schistosomiasis-related lesions and for assessing the effect of treatment on their resolution. three case-studies from east africa, in areas of different endemicity for schistosoma haematobium, using ultrasound are described and their results related to indirect measurements of the disease (e.g., haematuria, egg counts) ...19902127383
progress in the control of schistosomiasis in mauritius.schistosomiasis in mauritius was mainly dealt with in hospitals and their annexed services until 1988 when a special control programme was started by the ministry of health with the technical help of the world health organization and the financial assistance of the theodor bilharz foundation (germany). as only schistosoma haematobium is present in mauritius, this consisted of screening for microhaematuria and/or eggs in urine, health education and mollusciciding. all the primary school populatio ...19947992322
[specifics of the epidemiology of urinary schistosomiasis in mauritius].early observations on this disease were made in mauritius by chapotin (1812) before the discovery of schistosoma haematobium. bulinus cernicus, the snail intermediate host, one of the nine species within the b. forskali group, is restricted to the island and the disease is not occurring in the neighbouring islands of la reunion and rodrigues. under laboratory conditions, the snail susceptibility to the mauritian strain of s. haematobium has been demonstrated. but the infection rate of the snail ...19921446177
[former observations of urinary bilharziasis and wuchereriosis].on the occasion of a book near completion on the great clinician pierre rayer (1793-1867), a pioneer of infectious pathology, are presented here two of his works concerning parasitic tropical pathology. the first (1838) signed by rayer alone deals with an hematuria observed in patients from mauritius. he distinguished several forms of the disease and described 15 observations which he compared to egyptian hematuria of which the parasitic agent (bilharzia (= schistosoma) haematobium) will not be ...19947827524
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