the distribution of schistosoma haematobium in the isoka district, zambia; and a possible strategy for its control.the distribution of schools prevalent for schistosoma haematobium in the isoka district, zambia was estimated by examining haematuria in the urine of the pupils found in grades three, four or five using reagent sticks. thirty three (57 pc) schools had prevalence rates of 25 pc or more. the distribution of s. haematobium was patchy with significant differences in prevalence rates between some areas only short distances apart. a sociological study in the same schools showed that 68 (97 pc) head/se ...19938261501
transmission of schistosomiasis in kariba, zimbabwe, and a cross-sectional comparison of schistosomiasis prevalences and intensities in the town with those in siavonga in zambia.given that the two communities lie only 10 km apart, on the northern shore of lake kariba, it is surprising that human schistosomiasis now appears to be a much less important health problem in kariba town (zimbabwe) than in siavonga town (zambia). in an attempt to explain this difference, the level and sites of schistosoma haematobium and s. mansoni transmission in kariba, and the prevalences and intensities of human infection with these parasites in both communities, have now been investigated. ...200314511559
diagnostic and cost comparisons of a questionnaire against a chemical reagent strip test in identifying high risk communities for schistosoma haematobium infection in northern zambia.a comparative study was conducted in northern zambia in order to compare both the economical and diagnostic performance of a questionnaire with that of the chemical reagent strip test in diagnosing urinary schistosomiasis with a view to replacing the more economically expensive reagent strip test with the questionnaire in the identification of high risk communities. a total of 57 schools participated in the study and each school was considered as a community. among the symptoms and conditions of ...19968653761
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