changes in the humoral immune responses after chemotherapy in single and co-infected individuals with schisosoma haematobium and plasmodium determine the effects of chemotherapy on the humoral immune responses in single and coinfected individuals with schistosoma haematobium and plasmodium falciparum.200620353134
an investigation of the schistosomiasis transmission status in harare.a schistosomiasis prevalence and intensity survey was carried out among school children in selected residential suburbs of harare. urine and stool specimens were collected for determination of schistosomiasis infection from 2,552 children aged between five and 15 years. a total of 351 (13.7 pc) school children were found to be infected with schistosoma haematobium while 172 (6.7 pc) pupils were found to be positive for s. mansoni. the arithmetic mean egg count (amec) for s. haematobium was 16 wh ...19947882413
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