praziquantel and oltipraz: the treatment of schoolchildren infected with schistosoma mansoni and/or schistosoma haematobium in gezira, sudan.of 111 schoolchildren--all of whom were infected with schistosoma mansoni and 97 of whom were also infected with s. haematobium--54 were treated with praziquantel (2 x 20 mg kg-1) and 57 with oltipraz (2 x 15 mg kg-1). there was no apparent difference between the efficacy of the two drugs. follow-up studies over the following 12 months indicated that mass chemotherapy of schoolchildren can be expected to reduce the egg output of those treated by almost 100%, but that, unless there is some break ...19883135786
control of schistosomiasis in the new rahad irrigation scheme of central the new rahad irrigation scheme in central sudan began its first agricultural season in 1978, the blue nile health project was being developed to prevent schistosomiasis and other water-associated diseases in the rahad and gezira-managil schemes. taken as an indication of overall transmission in the rahad scheme, the prevalence of infection among children in the newly established schools was found initially to be 14% for schistosoma mansoni and 1% for schistosoma haematobium in 1980. in the o ...19854032520
transmission of schistosoma haematobium in north gezira, sudan.during this 14-month study, 128 765 bulinus truncatus snails were collected from canals located near four villages in the northern part of the gezira irrigated area, and were examined for patent trematode infections, by exposure to light. in all, 903 shedded cercariae, of which 424 were identified as s. haematobium, and one village, bashagra, was the source of 80% of these s. haematobium infections. the highest density of snails occurred from march to may and the peak of snail infections occurre ...19854032531
a field trial using praziquantel (biltricider) to treat schistosoma mansoni and schistosoma haematobium infection in gezira, sudan.a field trial was conducted in the gezira, sudan, to evaluate the acceptability and efficacy of praziquantel, a new schistosomicide. in one arab village 350 patients with schistosoma mansoni were randomly assigned to two treatment groups and given 1 x 40 mg kg-1 (group a) or 2 x 20 mg kg-1 given four to six hours apart (group b). in two small settlements (camps) 2 km distant from the arab village 38 patients with s. mansoni and 43 with concurrent s. mansoni and s. haematobium infections were giv ...19836625729
schistosomiasis among labouring communities in the gezira irrigated area, sudan. 19827069819
genetic diversity of schistosoma haematobium parasite is not associated with severity of disease in an endemic area in sudan.over 650 million people globally are at risk of schistosomiasis infection, while more than 200 million people are infected of which the higher disease rates occur in children. eighty three students between 6-20 years (mean 12.45 ± 3.2) from quran school for boys in radwan village, gezira state were recruited to investigate for the relationship between the genetic diversity of schistosoma haematobium strains and the severity of the disease.201425164961
ultrasound findings in urinary shistosomaisis infection in school children in the gezira state central evaluate the ultrasound findings of urinary schistosomiasis in quran school (khalwas) children in gezira state sudan, we studied all the students from two schools. a total of 103 boys were tested for urinary schistosomiasis using the urine filtration method. schistosoma haematobium (s. haematobium) eggs were counted. ultrasound was performed for all the positive subjects. seventy-three (71%) subjects were positive for s. haematobium. the mean age was 11.3 ± 2.9 years. sixty-six (90.4%) subjec ...201323354218
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