schistosoma mansoni and s. haematobium infections in egypt. iv. hepatic lesions.we performed 400 consecutive autopsies in cairo, egypt. the intensity of schistosome infection in these cases was measured by counting adult worms recovered by perfusion and dissection and by counting eggs in the tissues of infected cases. symmers' clay pipestem fibrosis of the liver was clearly related to the presence and intensity of schistosoma mansoni, but not s. haematobium, infection. morphologic findings in cases with symmers' fibrosis were comparable to those in brazilian cases, and the ...1978717638
schistosoma mansoni and s. haematobium infections in egypt. i. evaluation of techniques for recovery of worms and eggs at necropsy.four hundred consecutive autopsy cases were examined in cairo, egypt. sixty percent of cases had schistosoma haematobium eggs in the tissues and 25% also were infected with s. mansoni. only a quarter of s. haematobium infections were active, while nearly two-thirds of s. mansoni cases remained active. adult s. haematobium and s. mansoni were effectively recovered from the mesenteric circulation by a combination of perfusion and dissection. quantitative recovery from the genitourinary system was ...1977889012
a quantitative post mortem analysis of urinary schistosomiasis in egypt. ii. evolution and epidemiology.further analysis of the data obtained from 190 unselected autopsies at the university of cairo (faculty of medicine) hospitals reinforces our conclusion that a high prevalence of urinary schistosomiasis leads to infection intensity causing severe uropathy and mortality, both directly and by way of complications and sequelae. based on histological study, two stages of urinary schistosomiasis must be considered in epidemiological work: "active disease", characterized by significant egg excretion; ...19751190367
immunoglobulin a, g and e levels in egyptians with cancer: influence of schistosomiasis.the main patient series consisted of 415 egyptians attending the cairo cancer institute and comprising 286 bladder cancer, 97 breast cancer, 14 head and neck cancer and 18 gastrointestinal cancer cases. also included in the study were 36 patients with active schistosomiasis and 89 health controls. serum iga, igg, igg subclasses, ige, schistosoma and ascaris-specific ige (rast) and the acute-phase protein crp were measured in all, or sub-sets, of the main patient group. the well-established incre ...19846735523
evaluation of the elisa test as an epidemiological tool in schistosomiasis.the elisa test was studied to assess its applicability in epidemiological surveys of schistosomiasis. specimens of serum, stool and urine from persons attending an outpatient clinic in an endemic area for s. mansoni and s. haematobium in egypt were tested in the laboratories of the theodor bilharz research institute, cairo. the elisa test results were compared with parasitological findings and with the results of indirect immunofluorescence and indirect hemagglutination tests as reference data. ...19817021869
application of immunodiagnostic assays: detection of antibodies and circulating antigens in human schistosomiasis and correlation with clinical an initial cross-sectional survey, serum, urine, and stool samples were collected from 370 participants representing about 10% of the population (n = 4,438) in behbeet village, 50 km south of cairo, egypt, an area well known to be endemic solely for schistosoma haematobium. diagnosis was approached in two parallel ways. the first approach, which simulated actual conditions in many endemic areas in egypt, was based on physical examination and urine and stool microscopic analysis. the second ap ...199910403328
epidemiology of schistosoma mansoni infection and its relationship to snail distribution in a village at the nile bank south to cairo.the relationship between epidemiology of s. mansoni infection and snail distribution at a village, related to guiza governorate and lies south to cairo, was investigated. a systematic random sample of houses was selected. all inhabitants of the houses were invited to share in the study. the number examined was 704. urine and stools were examined using nucleopore filtration and standard kato-katz techniques, respectively. snail collection was done from 35 sites along the water bodies related to t ...200416916052
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