schistosomiasis in newly reclaimed areas in egypt. 2--patterns of transmission.the distribution, abundance and seasonality of infected biomphalaria alexandrina and bulinus truncatus were studied for 2 years (1992-1994) in two newly reclaimed areas, namely el manayef and el-morra areas located on both sides of suez canal near ismailia city. the results confirm the occurrence of transmission of both schistosoma mansoni and s. haematobium since infected snails of both species were recovered in these areas. this consequently proves that reclamation of parts of the desert utili ...199910605512
c-kit positive schistosomal urinary bladder carcinoma are frequent but lack kit gene mutations.urinary bladder squamous cell carcinoma (scc), one of the most common neoplasms in egypt, is attributed to chronic urinary infection with schistosoma haematobium (schistosomiasis). the proto-oncogene c-kit, encoding a tyrosine kinase receptor and implicated in the development of a number of human malignancies, has not been studied so far in schistosomal urinary bladder sccs. we therefore determined immunohistochemical (ihc) expression of c-kit in paraffin sections from 120 radical cystectomies o ...201323534715
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