haematobium schistosomiasis among seminomadic and agricultural afar in ethiopia.parasitological and malacological surveys were made in the afar tribal area on the flood plains of the awash river. s. haematobium--infections are most prevalent among seminomadic afar living around the swamps and lakes in the middle part of the awash valley. infection rates between 6 and 52% were found among seminomadic afar and between 0 and 27% in agricultural groups. the highly localised distribution of vesical schistosomiasis is maintained by the distribution of the swamps, lakes and the hu ...1977610024
assessment of side-effects of praziquantel in a trial treatment of schistosoma haematobium infections in the afar ethnic group of ethiopia. 19883129291
evaluation of circulating cathodic antigen (cca) strip for diagnosis of urinary schistosomiasis in hassoba school children, afar, ethiopia.a total of 206 urine samples collected from hassoba elementary schoolchildren, afar, ethiopia, a low schistosoma haematobium endemic setting, was diagnosed to evaluate the performance of cca strip using double references, urine filtration technique and urinalysis dipstick (combur 1.0 test) that detect schistosome eggs and blood in urine, respectively. the former was used as a gold standard reference method. sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive values for the cca were 52%, 6 ...200818416249
prevalence of schistosoma haematobium infection among school-age children in afar area, northeastern this study, the prevalence and intensity of schistosoma haematobium infection was determined among school-age children living in the middle and lower awash valley, afar regional state of ethiopia. between february and may 2014, urine samples were collected from 885 school-age children (5-16 years of age) from the middle (n = 632; 4 villages) and lower (n = 253; 3 villages) awash valley. all samples were processed using urine filtration to detect and quantify s. haematobium eggs. in addition, ...201526252615
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