urban transmission of urinary schistosomiasis in dar es salaam, tanzania.a cross sectional survey for schistosoma haematobium infections was undertaken in 12 primary schools in the city of dar es salaam. the prevalence in the schools ranged from 5.3 to 55.1%, with an overall prevalence of 19.3%. more males (23.5%) than females (15.0%) were infected, and the highest prevalence was recorded in the 11-16 year age group. intensity of infection was high, ranging from 12 to 96 eggs/10 ml urine in individual schools. 26% of the infected excreted more than 50 eggs/10 ml urin ...19852859753
evaluation of indirect screening techniques for the detection of schistosoma haematobium infection in an urban area, dar es salaam, tanzania.393 primary school children were screened for schistosoma haematobium using four indirect techniques (a) history of haematuria, (b) visual appearance of urine and use of chemical reagent strips to detect presence of (c) blood and (d) protein in urine. results showed that the use of chemical reagent strips for the detection of blood was the most specific and sensitive method, even in areas of lower prevalence and intensity. history of haematuria, protein in urine and visual appearance were respec ...19852865880
frequency of haematuria and proteinuria in relation to prevalence and intensity of schistosoma haematobium infection in dar es salaam, tanzania. 19863087728
further observations on the use of gross haematuria as an indirect screening technique for the detection of schistosoma haematobium infection in school children in dar es salaam, tanzania.the reliability of using visible haematuria as an indirect screening technique to detect schistosoma haematobium was investigated in 418 school children from dar es salaam, tanzania. the sensitivity of the test varied significantly with the time of urine collection and the portion of the micturition stream examined. whereas sensitivity was 50% and accuracy 73% in the morning, in the afternoon sensitivity and accuracy had increased to 75% and 97% respectively if terminal urine samples were examin ...19863100822
urinary schistosomiasis in schoolchildren in dar-es-salaam, tanzania, and the factors influencing its transmission.the prevalence of urinary schistosomiasis among the schoolchildren living in kigogo administrative ward of the kinondoni district of dar-es-salaam city, tanzania, and the factors influencing the transmission of the causative agent, schistosoma haematobium, were investigated in a cross-sectional study. the estimate of overall prevalence, based on microscopical examination of a single urine sample/subject, was 47.6%. compared with the girls, the boys were more likely to be excreting schistosome eg ...200111784423
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