genetic diversity among schistosoma mansoni population in the western region of saudi arabia.schistosomiasis is an important parasitic disease that infects humans. among the main species of schistosomes infecting humans are schistosoma mansoni and schistosoma haematobium. the accurate diagnosis of these parasitic infections will improve the success of disease control and management. many studies proved that schistosoma exhibit variations not only among species, but also among strains and between males and females, other than the obvious sexual characteristics associated with variations ...201121602774
susceptibility of saudi bulinus truncatus to infection with egyptian schistosoma haematobium with observations on protein electrophoretic pattern of the snails.a laboratory-based susceptibility study was carried out on snails bulinus truncatus collected from highland abha, asser, saudi arabia to egyptian schistosoma haematobium to investigate the potential role of saudi b. truncatus in the transmission of egyptian s. haematobium and to know the possibility that the parasite might be able to spread into saudi arabia. the results revealed that, compared to egyptian snails, survival of snails at day 25 post-exposure was significantly higher in saudi b. tr ...200919329256
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