studies on schistosomiasis in taiz province, yemen arab republic.infection with both urinary and intestinal schistosomiasis is prevalent with patchy distribution in taiz province, southwest yemen arab republic. schistosoma haematobium with a prevalence as high as 90% was found in the western, southern, and northern parts of the province. among school children the overall prevalence was 37%. infection rates did not differ significantly among various age and sex groups. three species of bulinus--b. beccarii, b. truncatus, and b. wrighti--have been found in the ...19836625057
prevalence and co-infections of schistosomiasis/hepatitis b and c viruses among school children in an endemic areas in taiz, determine the disease prevalence and its relationship with hepatitis b and c viruses among school children in five endemic areas by schistosomiasis.201121771686
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