discovery of an endemic area of gnathostoma turgidum infection among opossums, didelphis virginiana, in mexico.gnathostomosis, caused by gnathostoma binucleatum, is a serious public health issue in mexico. although 2 other gnathostoma spp., g. turgidum and g. lamothei, have been found in wild animals, their natural life cycle or their relation to human disease remains unclear. while we were conducting an epidemiological survey on gnathostoma spp. in sinaloa state, mexico, we found an endemic area for g. turgidum in common opossums, didelphis virginiana, located in tecualilla, sinaloa. the species identif ...200918989999
is gnathostoma turgidum an annual parasite of opossums? drastic seasonal changes of infection in didelphis virginiana in mexico.gnathostoma turgidum is a nematode that parasitizes the stomach of opossums, didelphis virginiana. despite its wide distribution in the americas, its natural life cycle is poorly understood. recently, we found an endemic area for g. turgidum infection in sinaloa, mexico (diaz-camacho et al., 2009). based on sporadic surveys for several years, the prevalence was apparently high in summer and extremely low in winter. to confirm that this is really a seasonal variance, we conducted a longitudinal s ...200919281297
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