antigenic characterization of chlamydia pneumoniae isolated in hiroshima, japan.the morphology and antigenic property of elementary bodies (ebs) of new chlamydia pneumoniae yk-41 strain isolated in hiroshima, japan, were compared with those of c. pneumoniae strains tw-183 and ar-39, c. trachomatis l2/434/bu strain and c. psittaci cal 10 and budgerigar-1 strains by sds-page and immunoblotting techniques. in spite of a clear difference in eb morphology between the yk-41 and the other c. pneumoniae strains used, protein profile of the yk-41 strain in sds-page was similar to th ...19937694051
[prevalence of antibodies to chlamydia pneumoniae (strain twar) and other chlamydia in japan].chlamydia pneumoniae (strain twar), the new third species of genus chlamydia, is emerging as an important human respiratory pathogen in western countries. however, little is known about it in japan. in this study, 1330 serum samples were tested for seroprevalence of three species of genus chlamydia including c. pneumoniae in hiroshima. microimmunofluorescence test was used to measure serum igg antibody, and formalin fixed elementary bodies of c. trachomatis, c. psittaci, and c. pneumoniae were u ...19912066586
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