canine filariasis. importance and transmission in the baix llobregat area, barcelona (spain).field and laboratory studies were performed in order to assess the degree of canine dirofilariasis caused by dirofilaria immitis (leidy) in the baix llobregat region, a fluvial area near barcelona, spain. a total of 188 dogs were sampled between may and august of 1994. three main areas were chosen: the western delta, the eastern delta and the northern zone. simultaneously, a mosquito sampling programme was carried out with co2 light traps, to search for infective larvae (l3) of d. immitis. of th ...19989763317
detection and monitoring of mosquito flaviviruses in spain between 2001 and 2005.between the years 2001 and 2005, a total of 72,895 female mosquitoes were trapped during their season of abundance, and analyzed. they were sorted into 4,723 pools belonging to 20 culicidae species from the anopheles, aedes, ochlerotatus, culex, culiseta, coquillettidia, and uranotaenia genera. the aim was to detect arboviral rna directly from mosquito homogenates for the genera alphavirus, flavivirus, and phlebovirus. the study formed part of general arbovirus transmission research in four of t ...200918959502
a survey of mosquitoes breeding in used tires in spain for the detection of imported potential vector species.the used tire trade has facilitated the introduction, spread, and establishment of the asian tiger mosquito, aedes albopictus, and other mosquito species in several countries of america, africa, oceania, and europe. a strategy for detecting these imported mosquito vectors was developed in spain during 2003-2004 by evitar (multidisciplinary network for the study of viruses transmitted by arthropods and rodents). a survey in 45 locations found no invasive species. eight autochthonous species of mo ...200717633420
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