surveillance of lyme disease in the united states, 1982.lyme disease is a tick-borne illness that has been reported from three regions in the united states--the northeast, midwest, and west--which correspond to the distribution of the recognized vectors of the disease, ixodes dammini and ixodes pacificus. in 1982, a surveillance system designed to define the morbidity and geographic distribution for lyme disease by using a clinical case definition received information on 491 definite cases and 38 probable cases. of the definite cases, 489 were acquir ...19853998509
infection rates of amblyomma americanum (acari: ixodidae) by ehrlichia chaffeensis (rickettsiales: ehrlichieae) and prevalence of e. chaffeensis-reactive antibodies in white-tailed deer in southern indiana, monitor the percentage and stability of ehrlichia chaffeensis-infected ticks in southern indiana over time, pools of amblyomma americanum (l.) ticks were screened for infection in southern indiana for a 2nd time. nested polymerase chain reaction (with 6% dmso included only in the 2nd reaction) was performed on 920 ticks in pools of 5 individuals from 9 sites (5 sites previously examined and 4 new ones) in 6 counties. the average minimum infection rate for all sites for 1997 was 1.6%, lower th ...199910593071
distribution of ehrlichia chaffeensis (rickettsiales: rickettsiaeceae) in amblyomma americanum in southern indiana and prevalence of e. chaffeensis--reactive antibodies in white-tailed deer in indiana and ohio in continue monitoring the prevalence and distribution of ehrlichia chaffeensis (rickettsiales: rickettsiaeceae) in southern indiana, a total of 498 amblyomma americanum (l.) ticks (262 adults and 292 nymphs) was collected from five southern indiana counties during may and june 1998. ticks were pooled and examined for the presence of e. chaffeensis using nested polymerase chain reaction and primers specific for the 16s rrna gene of e. chaffeensis. the average minimum infection rate for adult tic ...200010916302
strains of ehrlichia chaffeensis in southern indiana, kentucky, mississippi, and north carolina.rates of infection of amblyomma americanum (l.) by ehrlichia chaffeensis were compared in 100 ticks collected from sites in each of four states: indiana, north carolina, kentucky, and mississippi. the overall infection rates were similar among sites, ranging from 1 to 4%. because pathogenic differences may exist between e. chaffeensis strains, nested polymerase chain reaction (pcr) amplification of the variable-length pcr target (vlpt), and sequencing of the amplicons were performed to different ...200919960699
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