survey of 11 western states for heartworm (dirofilaria immitis) infection, heartworm diagnostic and prevention protocols, and fecal examination protocols for gastrointestinal parasites.heartworm infection in dogs and cats in the western united states is a fairly new phenomenon, and for this reason it is often considered to be of minimal significance. the purpose of this survey was to collect data from 11 western states (arizona, california, colorado, idaho, montana, nevada, new mexico, oregon, utah, washington, and wyoming) in an effort to assess awareness of heartworm disease and identify areas in which improvement in understanding is needed. to accomplish this goal, veterina ...200718183548
assessment of aedes sierrensis as a vector of canine heartworm in utah using a new technique for determining the infectivity rate.both aedes sierrensis and dirofilaria immitis have recently become established in utah. we evaluated the vector potential of this aedes sierrensis strain using a new technique for detecting dirofilaria immitis in individual mosquitoes. survival of aedes sierrensis females after bloodfeeding did not differ from that of ae. triseriatus but infective ae. sierrensis produced significantly more l3 nematodes. this observation and epidemiological data support the hypothesis that ae. sierrensis is the v ...19938468580
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