human subcutaneous dirofilariasis. 2. a report of 5 new cases of dirofilaria repens in central and northern italy and of a sixth case with uncertain parasitological diagnosis.six new human cases of subcutaneous filariasis (histological sections) in lombardia, emilia-romagna and toscana are described. five of them are to attribute to dirofilaria repens, whereas some doubts exist with regard to one case. the findings are compared with histological sections of male and female specimens of d. repens and d. immitis recovered from naturally infected dogs.19826926933
serological detection of circulating angiostrongylus vasorum antigen and specific antibodies in dogs from central and northern italy.the most frequently employed method for the diagnosis of angiostrongylus vasorum in dogs is the detection of first stage larvae (l1) in faeces. the sensitivity of coproscopy, however, is limited in case of low parasite load, intermittent larval excretion, and during pre-patency. an epidemiological survey on dogs was conducted applying serological methods in two italian regions where angiostrongylosis is endemic in foxes. 265 dog serum samples from tuscany (central italy - site a) and 447 from li ...201323182301
canine filarial infections in tuscany, central italy.this study was conducted in order to investigate the epidemiology of filarial species in a region of central italy (tuscany) in dogs that did not undergo prophylaxis for filariasis. from 2007 to 2009, 630 blood samples were collected from 40 kennels throughout the regional territory. samples were analysed with knott's modified test and with an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) for the detection of dirofilaria immitis antigens, those positive for microfilariae were also subjected to histo ...201121457611
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