the humoral response in natural dirofilaria immitis infections in dogs.plasma samples from dogs with infections of dirofilaria immitis were assessed using elisa and western blotting techniques. these results were then assessed in relation to age and sex of the host, and to the numbers of microfilariae and adult filariae. dogs with microfilariae tended to have lower levels of infection. in infected dogs, mean elisa titres increased directly with the degree of infection. dogs that were either young or mildly infected, showed a preferential antibody reactivity to anti ...19911807247
dirofilaria immitis in cats from inner sydney.two hundred feral cats from the inner suburbs of sydney were examined post mortem for adult dirofilaria immitis and circulating microfilariae, and 101 of these cats were tested for heartworm antigens by an elisa. only 2 cats (1%) had adult heartworms, the blood sample from another cat contained a single microfilaria. the blood of a further three cats contained small amounts of d immitis antigen. although d immitis occurs in cats in sydney, the prevalence is not high enough to warrant prophylacti ...19911842221
prevalence of dirofilaria immitis and dipetalonema reconditum in greyhounds.blood samples from 331 greyhounds in the hunter valley and nearby coastal areas of new south wales were examined for microfilariae using a filtration technique. species were identified by histochemical staining; 10.9% of the greyhounds were infected with dirofilaria immitis and 3.6% with dipetalonema reconditum. the prevalence of infection of both species was significantly greater in summer than in winter (p = less than 0.05). infection with d. immitis was correlated with differences in age, sex ...19853842800
the incidence of dirofilaria immitis and dipetalonema reconditum in dogs and cats in sydney. 19734734728
a survey of heartworm in dogs in australia.a survey conducted throughout australia indicated that dirofilaria immitis was far more widespread than previously described. it was prevalent throughout queensland and new south wales, including the western regions and was increasing in incidence. confusion exists as to which diagnostic tests to use and the methods of treatment are extremely variable.19846529396
dirofilaria immitis in red foxes (vulpes vulpes) in an endemic area near sydney, australia. 19846737611
the prevalence of dirofilaria immitis in dogs in sydney.four hundred and four dogs from 9 pounds in sydney were examined for circulating microfilariae and antigens of dirofilaria immitis. one hundred of these were also examined post mortem for adult heartworms. the prevalence of infection in the 404 dogs as shown by serology was 11.4%, and 5.9% had circulating microfilariae of d immitis. adult heartworms were present in 15 of 100 dogs. dipetalonema reconditum microfilariae were present in 3.7% of dogs. dirofilariosis is still a common and important p ...19968660208
population structure of the peridomestic mosquito ochlerotatus notoscriptus in australia.ochlerotatus notoscriptus (skuse) (diptera: culicidae) is the predominant peridomestic mosquito in australia where it is the primary vector of dog heartworm, dirofilaria immitis (leidy), and a potentially important vector of arboviruses (barmah forest, ross river) with geographical variation of vector competence. although widespread, oc. notoscriptus has low dispersal ability, so it may have isolated subpopulations. the identification of gene flow barriers may assist in understanding arbovirus e ...200415189244
evaluation of a single injection of a sustained-release formulation of moxidectin for prevention of experimental heartworm infection after 12 months in evaluate the efficacy of a single injection of a sustained-release formulation of moxidectin in preventing heartworm (dirofilaria immitis) infection for 12 months in dogs.200415566101
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