dirofilaria immitis in the dingo (canis familiaris dingo) in a tropical region of the northern territory, australia.the heart and lungs from 32 adult dingoes (canis familiaris dingo) were examined for canine heartworm (dirofilaria immitis) infection. eighteen of 32 (56%) samples were infected, with intensity of infection ranging from 1 to 31 worms per animal. seven of 18 (39%) infections were single sex infections. large numbers of circulating microfilariae were present in blood from all dingoes infected with both sexes of worms.19883352087
population structure of the peridomestic mosquito ochlerotatus notoscriptus in australia.ochlerotatus notoscriptus (skuse) (diptera: culicidae) is the predominant peridomestic mosquito in australia where it is the primary vector of dog heartworm, dirofilaria immitis (leidy), and a potentially important vector of arboviruses (barmah forest, ross river) with geographical variation of vector competence. although widespread, oc. notoscriptus has low dispersal ability, so it may have isolated subpopulations. the identification of gene flow barriers may assist in understanding arbovirus e ...200415189244
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