detection of anaplasma bovis dna in the peripheral blood of domestic dogs in japan.the prevalence of ehrlichia and anaplasma in 1,427 dogs from 32 japanese prefectures was evaluated by pcr and dna nucleotide sequencing. pcr screening demonstrated that 18 dogs (1.3%) were positive for anaplasmataceae. sequence analysis revealed that 14 of the amplicons were most closely related to wolbachia spp., symbionts of dirofilaria immitis, whereas three were identified as anaplasma bovis. the remaining amplicon could not be sequenced. almost the entire sequence of 16s rrna (1,452 bp) fro ...201020859003
pulmonary dirofilariasis in a japanese hare, lepus brachyurus angustidens.a case of pulmonary dirofilariasis in a japanese hare, lepus brachyurus angustidens captured in aomori prefecture, was first reported in japan. two dead worms recovered from the pulmonary artery and detected within an organized arterial thrombus in the lung, were identified as a male and a female young adult dirofilaria immitis, respectively. principal lesions in the lung were associated with pulmonary arterial degeneration and consisted of rugose and villous intimal fibrosis, endarteritis with ...19958593310
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