a survey for natural vectors of dirofilaria immitis in chiang mai province, northern thailand. 19862874614
the epidemiology of dirofilaria immitis infection in outpatient dogs at chiang mai university small animal hospital, thailand.five hundred eighty-nine dog blood samples from the small animal hospital of chiang mai university were examined for dirofilaria immitis prevalence using a microhematocrit tube technique for microfilaria detection. in parallel, a once a month follow-up study on 36 d. immitis negative dogs was conducted to detect the time of acquiring infection in each animal. the diagnostic criteria for the incidence study was based on microfilaria detection or on positive findings against d. immitis antigen usi ...200818567441
genetic and immunological evidences of borrelia burgdorferi in dog in thailand.lyme disease is a tick-borne zoonotic disease caused by spirochete borrelia burgdorferi. it is transmitted from animals to humans by the bite of infected ticks of the genus ixodes. although lyme disease has been reported in china and japan, the disease has never been reported in thailand. blood samples and ticks were collected from 402 dogs from 7 and 3 animal clinics in chiang mai and phuket provinces, thailand, respectively. blood samples were tested for antibodies against b. burgdorferi, anap ...201627086427
the prevalence of dirofilaria immitis in stray dog and its potential vector in amphur muang chiang mai, northern thailand. 19872889271
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