[the molecular diagnosis of dirofilaria immitis in vector mosquitoes in felahiye district of kayseri].this study was designed to determine the potential vectors of dirofilaria immitis by molecular techniques in felahiye district of kayseri. mosquitoes were sampled from 11 points between june-august 2008 and collected live samples were brought to laboratory. in order to allow the larval development, mosquitoes were incubated in in vitro conditions for seven days. after this mosquitoes were killed and species identifications were done. among the totally collected 301 mosquitoes, 96 (31.9%) were be ...201020954124
aedes vexans and culex pipiens as the potential vectors of dirofilaria immitis in central turkey.this study was carried out to investigate the potential vectors and relative mosquito infection rates of dirofilaria immitis throughout two mosquito seasons (2008-2009) in kayseri province where is located in central anatolian part of turkey. for this aim, totally 1198 genomic dna pools, extracted and grouped according to the species and collection site (1-17 specimens/pool) from 6153 mosquito specimens, were examined by pcr using species-specific primers for d. immitis. the captured mosquitoes ...201021232866
prevalence and epidemiological aspects of dirofilaria immitis in dogs from kayseri province, turkey.this study was conducted to determine the prevalence of dirofilaria immitis infection and to investigate the risk factors related to heartworm disease in dogs from kayseri, turkey. blood samples were collected from 280 dogs from may 2005 to march 2006 and were examined by membrane filtration-acid phosphatase histochemical staining and antigen elisa techniques to detect circulating microfilariae and antigens of d. immitis, respectively. of the total of 280 dogs, 27 were positive for d. immitis wi ...200717064741
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