francisella tularensis in dermacentor reticulatus ticks from the czech republic and adult dermacentor reticulatus ticks were examined for the prevalence of francisella tularensis in an active natural focus of tularemia along the lower reaches of the dyje (thaya) river in south moravia (czech republic) and adjacent lower austria, in four localities of the flood plain forest-meadow ecosystem during the spring of 1996. the ticks were pooled (10 male or female ticks per group) and inoculated subcutaneously in 4-week-old spf mice. dead mice were sectioned, the spleens w ...199810048175
prevalence of borreliae in ixodid ticks from a floodplain forest ixodid ticks were sampled in a floodplain forest ecosystem along the lower reaches of the thaya (dyje) river in south moravia (czech republic) and lower austria during the period 1989-2002. the ticks were examined by dark-field microscopy for borreliae (borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato, the agent of lyme borreliosis), and attempts were made to culture the spirochetes in bsk-h medium from preparations containing their high numbers. isolated borreliae were identified by pcr-rflp analys ...200312674689
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