the prepatent and patent periods of fasciola hepatica in cattle in puerto rico. 19816895384
human fascioliasis in corozal, puerto rico.a limited survey for human infection with f. hepatica was conducted in the mountain region of corozal, puerto rico. this region was selected because bovine fascioliasis was hyperendemic, watercress was grown locally for human consumption, and lymnaea cubensis snails (an intermediate host for f. hepatica in puerto rico) were found in the watercress farms. of 110 fecal samples examined 12 were positive for f. hepatica. seven matched serum samples were also positive for f. hepatica antibodies by co ...19827077460
[fascioliasis in puerto rico: report of a case]. 1978280336
fascioliasis in puerto rico: a review. 19816944073
fasciola hepatica in dairy cattle in puerto rico in 1978. 19807420253
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