southernmost finding of lymnaea viatrix orbigny, 1835 (pulmonata: lymnaeidae), intermediate host of fasciola hepatica (linnaeus, 1758) (trematoda: digenea), in urban and rural areas of patagonia, argentina.we report the first finding of lymnaea viatrix south of parallel 41 masculine s, in rural and urban areas from argentina. ninety snails were collected during year 2000, from a concrete pond at a public square in el bolsón village, río negro province, and 811 snails in november 1999, and during 2000 from waterbodies within a farm at cholila locality, chubut province. fasciola hepatica infection was detected in 0.9% snails from the rural area. we discuss the potential risk of l. viatrix to public ...200415057342
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