[infection of lymnaea cubensis by fasciola hepatica in a high altitude region in venezuela].lymnaea cubensis is the vector in a region of distome infection in trujillo state at more than 1000 m altitude where almost all bovines are infected. a quarter of the molluscs were infected with a mean number of 20 rediae per infected molluc each redia capable of producing 16 cercariae. prevalence of infection increases with size of molluse and is highest in those 4 to 5 mm long. however, lymnaea as small as 3 mm produce cercariae and molluscicide treatments should be begun as soon as forms of t ...19836870096
distribution of lymnaeidae (mollusca: pulmonata), intermediate snail hosts of fasciola hepatica in extensive malacological survey was carried out between 2005-2009 in order to clarify the exact number of lymnaeid species which may be intermediate hosts of fasciola hepatica in venezuela. four species were discovered during this survey, including two local species: lymnaea cubensis and lymnaea cousini and two exotic species: lymnaea truncatula and lymnaea columella. the most common local species was l. cubensis which was found at 16 out of the 298 sampling sites. this species has a large dis ...200919820844
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