multivariate spatially-structured variability of ovine helminth infections.a cross-sectional survey was carried out on 2004-2005 in the campania region, southern italy, to study the multivariate geographical distribution of four different sheep helminths, i.e. fasciola hepatica (liver fluke), calicophoron (paramphistomum) daubneyi (rumen fluke), dicrocoelium dendriticum (lancet fluke), and the gastrointestinal strongyle haemonchus contortus. a series of multivariate bayesian hierarchical models based on square root transformation of faecal egg counts were performed. th ...200718686259
outbreak of acute fasciolosis in sheep farms in a mediterranean area arising as a possible consequence of climate change.the objective of the present study was to investigate whether climate change in recent years have influenced the onset of acute outbreaks of fasciola hepatica in ovine farms in southern italy. in may-june 2014, a severe outbreak of f. hepatica occurred in three sheep farms in the campania region. clinical, coprological and necroscopic examinations were performed. morbidity and mortality due to f. hepatica were 3-67% and 3-50%, respectively. coprological examinations showed high values of f. hepa ...201525826313
preferential sampling in veterinary parasitological parasitological surveillance of livestock, prevalence surveys are conducted on a sample of farms using several sampling designs. for example, opportunistic surveys or informative sampling designs are very common. preferential sampling refers to any situation in which the spatial process and the sampling locations are not independent. most examples of preferential sampling in the spatial statistics literature are in environmental statistics with focus on pollutant monitors, and it has been sho ...201627087037
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