inventory of wild rodents and lagomorphs as natural hosts of fasciola hepatica on a farm located in a humid area in loire atlantique (france).with the objective of studying the role of wild fauna in the epidemiology of fasciolosis disease, a definitive wild-host inventory was carried out in a french farm where infected domestic hosts (cows) cohabit with wild potential ones. liver flukes, faecal eggs and antibodies were looked for in lagomorphs (oryctolagus cuniculus) and rodents (myocastor coypus, ondatra zybethicus, rattus norvegicus, arvicola sapidus and micromammal species) trapped in the study area. presence of fasciola hepatica w ...200010887652
myocastor coypus as a reservoir host of fasciola hepatica in clarify the role of the nutria myocastor coypus in the epidemiology of domestic fasciolosis in loire-atlantique (department of western france), 438 nutrias were trapped in 9 humid areas of the department and 304 nutrias were trapped in 3 farms where fasciola hepatica was present; all animals were necropsied. liver flukes were found in 160 nutrias: 38 nutrias randomly taken in the department (8.7%) and 122 trapped in fasciolosis areas (40.1%). the average parasitic burden was 5.7 flukes per nu ...200111592619
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