[endoparasites of donkeys and horses kept in communal housing in upper bavaria; species spectrum and incidence].in this epidemiological study of endoparasites 37 donkeys and 23 horses were included, which were examined coproscopically in regular intervals over a 15 month period. the animals derived from ten farms, in which regular prophylactic treatments with anthelmintics had been practiced at least for two years before this investigation. this study revealed the presence of at least twelve parasite species in donkeys, eimeria leuckarti, gasterophilus intestinalis, fasciola hepatica, anoplocephala perfol ...19968999593
prevalence of pasture-associated metazoal endoparasites in bavarian dairy goat herds and farmers' approaches to parasite control.the majority of dairy goat farms in bavaria operate pasture-based systems. endoparasites are therefore a common problem affecting health and productivity of these herds. pooled faecal samples from 37 commercial dairy goat farms in bavaria were examined by modified mcmaster, flotation, sedimentation and baermann funnel techniques. in addition, a questionnaire was used to gather information on farmers' perceptions and parasite management efforts. the average trichostrongyle faecal egg count across ...201627529995
the giant liver fluke fascioloides magna (bassi 1875) in cervids in the czech republic and potential of its spreading to germany.the giant liver fluke fascioloides magna is an important parasite of cervids in europe. from september 2003 to december 2005, faecal samples and livers of red deer (cervus elaphus) and fallow deer (dama dama) were investigated to determine the current distribution of the fluke in the czech republic. faecal samples were collected from 20 different areas, and livers of hunted deer were dissected from each locality to confirm f. magna infection. the prevalence of f. magna in examined areas determin ...200717016724
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