preliminary studies on the prevalences of natural fasciolosis in cattle, sheep, and the host snail (galba truncatula) in north-eastern algeria.three series of investigations on natural infections with fasciola hepatica were carried out in north-eastern algeria): (1) on different samples from cattle and sheep slaughtered at constantine and jijel from 1994 to 1996, (2) from 31 cattle- and sheep-breeding farms from 1999 to 2001, using serology on blood samples, and (3) on overwintering galba truncatula from four populations, in 2002 and 2003. significantly higher prevalences of fasciolosis were found in the cattle and sheep from jijel (27 ...200414999466
[fasciola hepatica distomatosis in maghreb. 2 new algerian cases].a bibliographic survey is made of the cases of fasciolasis in maghreb, and it can be concluded that: the notion of "epidemy", or better, of simultaneous cases, brought to the diagnosis evocation, to explorations by i.d.r. and to early treatment, before the excretion of eggs. due to drug-efficiency, the coprological proof of the disease was generally missing in the old "epidemies" of the maghreb. isolated cases, in contrast, where the fasciolasic etiology was not evocated, could follow natural ev ...1979397806
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