survey of helminths in adult sheep in heilongjiang province, people's republic of china.the prevalence of helminths in adult sheep was investigated in heilongjiang province, people's republic of china between january 1999 and september 2003. a total of 326 adult sheep representing local breeds (xingjiang fine wool sheep, dongbei fine wool sheep) as well as introduced breeds (merino and charollais) from representative geographical locations in heilongjiang province were slaughtered and examined for the presence of helminths. the worms were examined, counted and identified to species ...200616713098
characterisation of fasciola species from mainland china by its-2 ribosomal dna sequence.isolates of fasciola (platyhelminthes: trematoda: digenea) from different host species and geographical locations in mainland china were characterised genetically. the second internal transcribed spacer (its-2) of nuclear ribosomal dna (rdna) was amplified from individual trematodes by polymerase chain reaction (pcr), and the representative amplicons were cloned and sequenced. the length of the its-2 sequences was 361-362bp for all chinese fasciola specimens sequenced. while there was no variati ...200415019145
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