molecular identification of the indian liver fluke, fasciola (trematoda: fasciolidae) based on the ribosomal internal transcribed spacer regions.the species of liver flukes of the genus fasciola (platyhelminthes: digenea: fasciolidae) are obligate parasitic trematodes residing in the large biliary ducts of herbivorous mammals. while fasciola hepatica has a cosmopolitan distribution, the other major species, i.e., fasciola gigantica is reportedly prevalent in the tropical and subtropical regions of africa and asia. to determine the phylogenic location of fasciola sp. of assam (india) origin based on rdna molecular data, ribosomal its regi ...200818696113
human distomatosis due to fasciola hepatica infection in assam, india.a seven year old girl in a rural area of upper assam was found to be infected with fasciola hepatica. the girl gave history of eating watercress. besides the presence of eggs in the stools, her liver was enlarged and tender. liver function tests revealed hepato-biliary involvement with increase in serum akp and alt. ultrasonography revealed presence of adult fluke in gall bladder, and a marginal thickening of gall bladder wall. however, the echo pattern of her liver parenchyma was normal. the ca ...19979282516
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